21 August 2013

Canada Day Google Doodle 2013: North British America Act

Canada Day Google Doodle 2013

To celebrate the 146th birthday of Canada, Google created a Canada Day Google Doodle 2013. The doodle appeared on the search engine’s homepage on 1st July 2013. The 1st of July is of special significance to Canadians. The day commemorates the anniversary of the North British America Act. The Act, which was signed in 1867, is now known as the Constitution Act. This united three British colonies to form modern Canada.

canada day google doodle 2013

The Canada Day Google Doodle 2013 design removed the Google trademark. The trademark was replaced for the day by an illustration of the Canadian Centre Block of Parliament. The doodle could only be viewed by users of the search engine within Canada. The illustrated Canada Day Google Doodle can still be viewed by clicking the image on the right.

Each year, Canadians celebrate Canada day on the 1st of July. This is unless it happens to fall on a Sunday. If this happens, the day is rescheduled by the Canadian government to be celebrated on the 2nd.

The holiday is celebrated throughout the country. However, many residents choose to flock each year to the country’s capital. This is because a wide range of festivities occur on Parliament Hill, and also in parks and streets throughout the city. The video depicts a selection of last year’s festivities. For the 2013 celebrations, the Parliament Hill Show featured a performance by Carly Ray Jepsen.

Canada Day Google Doodle 2013 – Before 2013

canada day google doodle maple leaf

This is not the first time the search engine has celebrated Canada day. The practice began in 2001. After this year, Google has created a commemorative doodle for Canada day with the unexplained exception of 2011. Since then, the doodles have become increasingly extravagant.

The early designs were modest and consisted of basic alterations, including the addition of a beaver or a moose with the Canadian flag, to the Google trademark. However in 2010, the designs began to become more impressive. The 2010 doodle consisted of the Google trademark changing colour to red and white, with the addition of a Maple leaf, in order to depict the nation’s flag.

Watch the Canada Day Google Doodle 2013

canada day google doodle crown wearing beaver

Prior to this year, the doodle for 2012 was by far the most impressive. The doodle was created by Willie Real, one of Google’s in house doodlers.

The doodle depicted a crown-wearing beaver holding the Canadian flag. The background consisted of mountainous terrain. This was in tribute to the regions of British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon.