27 December 2013

Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Can Harm Your Results

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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Over the last few years Facebook has become an extremely popular marketing tool. It is not only online marketers who take full advantage of the social media platform but also business owners. Business owners are making use of the platform as a means of boosting brand awareness whilst also making a greater number of people aware of the products and services they offer. Among social media sites Facebook is well regarded due to its excellent internet marketing facilities and abilities which are of genuine help to users.  It is these assets which have attracted so many online marketers and businesses to Facebook.

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Whilst there is no doubt that Facebook is good for businesses, the problem is that a large number of online promoters and businesses make common errors. These errors not only undermine your business and marketing ambitions but can actually have a detrimental effect on how your brand is perceived. In order to gain successful results, Facebook marketing needs to be conducted correctly. As already outlined, failure to do this is costly for your business. In order to avoid making these mistakes you need to be aware of them.

The most common Facebook marketing mistakes include:

Providing your following with irregular business news and updates

It is all too common for online marketers to not provide a regular source of updates and their business news to their following. If you choose to create a Facebook fan page as a means of marketing your business or brand on the platform then it is imperative that you keep in regular contact with your fans. This can be achieved by providing them with regular status updates. There are several ways of achieving this. One way is to provide your following with content. This can include articles which include a link back to your company page, recent news about your company and future events involving your company. An effective means of increasing engagement with your following is to launch a Facebook contest or competition. Equally you can post pictures and videos which resonate with your followers, be sure to encourage them to like, share and comment! All of these means are excellent ways of engaging with your Facebook following.

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Delivering your following with false promises

Unfortunately a large number of brands and businesses make Facebook marketing mistakes by using false promises as a means of luring followers to their fan page.

The reason why these false promises can be so detrimental to brands and businesses is that quite often marketers do not realise the implications. The potential implications are the ruination for the brands image and ultimately a loss of custom.

Damian Schogger wrote in a blog article for Dasch Communications, “Ultimately, if you’re running a marketing or advertising campaign, your customers must have confidence and trust in what you’re telling them. Without that, you’re at risk of alienating brand loyalists and probably losing business.” Ultimately if you feel that delivering false messages through Facebook is a viable marketing strategy then you need to have a drastic reappraisal.

Breaching the Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Commonly the Facebook based marketing campaigns of businesses will actually breach the platforms promotion guidelines. The guidelines can be viewed by clicking here. Before conducting a contest through your Facebook page it is highly advisable to be familiar with these guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines runs the very real risk of having your page shut down, thus losing your entire following.

Failure to provide a link to your brand’s main website

If you provide your fans and followers with no link to your website, how will they learn more about your company and what you offer? Not providing this link prevents customers from gaining a deeper knowledge of your brand whilst also losing potential custom. Thus is probably one of the silliest Facebook marketing mistakes!