19 October 2016

Tools To Make Twitter Simpler

Just about every marketer now has an account with Twitter and if not, they are aware of the platform’s importance as a vehicle for spreading the word about their offering to a large audience. However, often Twitter can seem a time consuming means of doing this. This needn’t be the case, a number of tools exist which make utilising Twitter as a marketing tool simpler. Collected beneath are five tools to make Twitter simpler, saving precious time and energy which can then be used to manage your small business.


UntweepsThis is a tool which allows Twitter users to improve their following to followers ration, e.g. I am following 1200 people and 400 people are following me. What is good about UnTweepts is it enables this process to be done with a minimal effort. The tool simply unfollows any accounts which a user is following that haven’t tweeted in a predetermined number of days. Therefore an account is only following other accounts which are actually active, people who are likely to actually engage with other users. As a result a user’s ratio will get smaller. The Check All browser extension which is available on Google Chrome allows for both time and energy to be saved when accounts are selected to unfollow.

Click to Tweet

The primary purpose of this tool is to drive engagement for a user’s content, i.e. their blog posts or website. It allows users to create a custom and pre-written tweet to share. This tweet can then be shared to a user’s following simply and effectively through the click of a button. Click to Tweet provides a vehicle which can be used to encourage readers of a brand’s online content to share directly with their friends and followers.


TweepiThis tool provides users with an effective means of finding more followers who actually share interests with the user. Everyone wants to increase their Twitter following, however what is the point in doing so if only 5% of your followers are actually interested in your following? This is where Tweepi comes in, it enables users to follow the followers of any account, in the hope of culminating a following of users with shared interests as a result. Tweepi provides a free account and also offers a means of efficiently and effectively following and unfollowing users.


This is a browser extension tool which enables users to share links with a minimal effort. Perhaps one of the best features of Buffer is that it allows for a user to queue up posts. These posts can then be shared throughout a predetermined time frame. Buffer also ensures that a user’s followers will not be bombarded with numerous tweets in a matter of minutes.


Hashtags - Social Media TrendsThis tool provides users with a means of tracking a hashtag, following a topic of specific interest or creating Twitter parties, far more simply and requiring less time. For example, say a brand is attempting to build a Twitter based campaign around #NewProduct. Then they can user Twubs in order to claim the hashtag #NewProduct in Twubs. In addition, users are then able to track the mentions of the hashtag and even link it with an image, perhaps of the “new product” itself. When utilised correctly Twubs provides users with an effective tool to keep track of important leads, Twitter based mentions and also to monitor the overall effectiveness of their hashtag based campaigns. However if users are also interested in broad discussions on Twitter, then they can use Twubs as an excellent channel for joining these conversations.