6 November 2013

Pinterest Tools including PinAlerts and Snapito

Top Ten Pinterest Tools

Pinterest toolsPinterest as a social media platform has a fair share of critics within the business realm.

Individuals who either think the platform is primarily for girls or who are unable to see its potential for businesses. Despite this dismissal and cynicism, Pinterest is an excellent business tool, when used correctly and efficiently.

As it has grown, there has been a resultant rise in the number of Pinterest tools available on the platform. The Pinterest tools are much similar to their counterparts currently available on other platforms, and their purpose is to help users manage, measure and enhance their experience on the social media forum. Below is a collection of the ten best Pinterest tools for small business.

10. Snapito:

At number ten in the top ten Pinterest tools is Snapito, as a tool it is both incredibly simple and useful. The tool allows users to efficiently and effectively pin their websites. Users simply enter the sites URL onto the Snapito page, and simply with the click of a button a picture of the website is produced which can be quickly uploaded to the users Pinterest board. Another similar tool has been launched by Google Chrome; it is called ShotPin and performs the same function.

9. PinBooster:

This is a fantastic tool for users who wish to utilise Pinterest as a format for advertisement. The tool is simple to use, providing popular “pinners” with compensation for endorsing your company or business on the site. The popular “pinners” are then able to promote your hashtags and events, share your photos and videos with their followers. Pinbooster is an incredibly effective tool for growing your following and for generating leads. Adversely if you are an incredibly popular “pinner” yourself you can sign up and be paid to drop pins!

8. Pinterest Right Click:

This top ten Pinterest tool is a browser extension designed for Mozilla Firefox users. Once it has been installed it provides users with a “pin” option in their right click menu, allowing users to quickly and easily pin images they find when browsing.

7. Pinstamatic:

This tool has been designed to enable users to enhance and improve their boards on the platform. Due to the rise of the platform, simple images are no longer enough to stand out from the crowd; this top Pinterest tool allows users to gain an advantage over their competition. The tool allows users to add quotes and written content to their board, providing an edge. Another feature which the tool provides users is the ability to post music and audio recordings on the users boards. These audio files can be then played directly from the board.

6. Piqora:

This tool was formally known as Pinfluencer, at number six in the top ten Pinterest tools, this tool is extremely useful for users wishing to utilise the platform for marketing purposes. The tool can be utilised to launch promotions via Pinterest, manage your content (which includes pin scheduling), and enables the user to gauge the efficiency of their efforts with the analytics feature.

5. Pin Search:

This tool has been designed for users who make use of both Google Chrome and Pinterest. Launched as an extension for Chrome, the tool allows users to Chrome search using any Pinterest picture. The tool enables users to gain a tremendous amount of information about the picture whilst viewing similar pictures.

4. Followers on Pinterest:

At number four in the top ten Pinterest tools is Followers on Pinterest. This tool has been launched as a smartphone app costing users £0.69. The tool is very similar to its twitter contemporary “ManageFlitter”. The app allows users to see which users are not following them back, track new followers, and follow or un-follow users, and finally to find new interesting boards or people to follow.

3. Hootsuite:

Although this top ten Pinterest tool is not strictly limited to Pinterest, many users have already been utilising this tool with their Twitter accounts. However it is definitely worth including in this list due to the recent addition of the Pinterest following to the tools portfolio.

2. Pinreach:

This tool enables users to gauge their success on the platform, the app generates a user Pinterest “score”. The tool also enables users to view trending users and trending pins. This Pinterest tool is an excellent way of increasing your engagement on the platform, through repins, comments and increasing the number of followers a user has on the platform.

1. PinAlerts:

The number one Pinterest tool is PinAlerts, as it allows users to be notified in real time, each time another user pins something from their website. The main asset of this tool is that it enables users to respond quickly to other users who promote their work. The tool can also increase a users following by inviting your fellow pinners to follow your other boards.

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