Facebook Lessons From McDonald’s

Facebook Lessons From McDonald’s In 2012 McDonald’s launched a Facebook based social media campaign, which clearly demonstrated that it was possible to generate a huge return on investment through a series of quick serves. Through the Facebook based campaign the global fast food franchise gained an increase in both sales and the number of visitors […]

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Ten Twitter Facts: Twitlets to dazzle Social Media Devotees

Ten Twitter Facts and The First Tweet Ever With everyone from Prime Minister David Cameron, The X-Factor’s Tulisa and us at SEO Web Marketing confessing their love of Twitter {@GoogleExpertUK}. The site is now a legitimate social networking tool for folk of all ages (famous or otherwise…) to share insights with family, friends and followers. […]

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UK Social Media Snooping Laws – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

UK Social Media Snooping Laws News that the government plans to introduce UK social media snooping laws allowing it to monitor private web use, email communications and social networking messages has caused many a furrowed brow since being announced in March 2012. In simple terms, the measure permits GCHQ, the British intelligence agency based in […]

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