17 March 2016

Business Rocks 2016 – A Full Cast of Brilliance

Business Rocks 2016

Business Rocks 2016

March 8th was International Women’s Day but it feels like there is a second “unofficial” International Women’s Day going down this April. It’s happening this April 21st – 22nd in Manchester at the first Annual Business Rocks 2016 tech, music, and business conference; founded by Jonny Cadden from TechCluster.


Poised to become the UK’s largest and most influential international start-up summit within the next five years, this behemoth of an event features the globe’s most powerful women thought leaders in SaaS, app marketing, ecommerce, IoT, UI and UX, iOS, and all manner of fields science, tech, and hyper business growth.


Come support and learn from your sisters. Get pumped at CEO Gemma Godfrey’s talk; “Females Fintech Disrupt.” Attend a fireside chat with Manchester Growth Company’s tech advisor Claire Braithwaite and Ogilvy Labs “sheroes” Gemma Milne and Nicole Yershon.


Explore the art of SEO from little ole moi, Susan Dolan. Learn the ins and outs of “Tech Businesses and Getting Government Grants” from serial entrepreneur Paulina Sygulska. Get inside the minds of fabulous females from the likes of Heather Wilde from Evernote, BBC Children’s Alice Webb, Mind Candy’s Divinia Knowles, Bozza CEO’s Emma Kaye to Masschallenge founder Diane Perlman, and many more.


As if that list of industry leading ladies isn’t exciting enough, Business Rocks 2016 will also features keynotes from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Priceline’s Jeff Hoffman, Google’s Mark Masterson, and global social influencer Brian Fanzo.


In fact, there will be over 100 international speakers spanning five stages, with over 300 start-up exhibitions and tech demos, nightly after-hours networking summits, live bands, roundtable panel discussions, real time product launches, and a £50,000 cash prize for the winner of the Global Innov8 Startup Pitch Competition. You can also enter to win all-access BR2016 VIP tickets and a private Q&A session with none other than the Woz himself.


Business Rocks 2016 will also be attempting to break the world record for the biggest ever “global hackathon,” where they invite schools from around the world to assist in designing software under the theme “Charity in Tech for Good.” The goal: invent a solution(s) to aid in helping the homeless through technological innovations. In fact, BR2016’s charity partner is World Science Aid, which aims to develop a safer world through science and technology.


Can this possibly get any better? Why yes, yes it can.


Music will be a central theme to BR2016 as well. From the very beginning until the very end, soul-soaring sounds will be a constant heartbeat to keep the energy alive and inspire innovation. Music activates your artistic right brain and bridges the gap to your logical left brain in order to facilitate new connections between ideas and discover new patterns.


Business Rocks 2016 is the ultimate place to be this year; for this is where you meet and connect with people from all over the world, discover new ideas and technologies, and just have the time of your life. This is the answer. This is where we will gather to design, create, and execute products and services that will positively influence the world and make it a better place for all.


Grab your ticket here and come and meet me in Manchester Central this April. Let’s change the world. Together.