Monthly Archives: May 2014

Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle: The Inkblot Test

Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle Google celebrated what would have been the 129th birthday of the Swiss psychologist, with a Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle on November 8th 2013. The Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle, which can still be viewed by clicking here, was in black and white and featured a cartoon depiction of Rorschach holding a pen […]

Facebook Ad Sets: Additions To Facebook Ads Structure

Facebook Ad Sets Prior to the recent changes, the Facebook Ads structure offered users a simple two level structure, Campaign and Ads. The Campaign option was used to set up the start and end dates for an Ad Campaign, in addition to the daily and overall budget of the campaign. The Ads option provided users […]

LinkedIn Publishing Platform: The Positives And Negatives

LinkedIn Publishing Platform On February 19th 2014 the professional social media platform LinkedIn announced, via a blog from their site, that they would be making their LinkedIn Publishing Platform available to all their users. The blog can still be viewed by clicking here. With the opening of this new LinkedIn Publishing Platform feature many feared […]