Monthly Archives: September 2012

LinkedIn – Ten Tips for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn More and more professionals are creating an internet presence on social networking and job seeking site LinkedIn – but how many are scrutinising their profiles and asking whether they’re truly selling themselves in the best possible way? Your LinkedIn social media profile is, increasingly, the first exposure a potential employer will have to your […]

Business Social Mind – Businesses adopt a Social Mind

Business Social Mind The majority of folk these days use some form of social media, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. Though perhaps not MySpace. Does anyone use MySpace any more? Most of us are happy to confess we’re on there predominantly to swap photos and gossip with friends and family but through this businesses […]

Google Coding: Google blasts Pirates with Coding Cannonball

Google Coding As the world’s numero uno search engine, Google holds major sway over which businesses, products and social networking trends generate web traffic and make headlines. This article looks at the new Google algorithm coding. Rising to the top of Google rankings doesn’t happen by accident. It’s no secret that Google uses complex algorithms […]

Fake Facebook Profiles: Facebook phoneys muddy the maths

Fake Facebook Profiles Is Facebook really good value? That’s a question many folk have been asking lately but not just the investors who’ve seen the value of their shares plunge post-flotation perhaps it has something to do with all of the fake Facebook profiles. Businesses continue to invest in advertising on Facebook, both to increase […]