Howard Carter Google Doodle: His 138th Birthday

Howard Carter Google Doodle On May 9th 2012, the Google Doodle team paid tribute to what would have been the 138th birthday of the archaeologist and Egyptologist, with a Howard Carter Google Doodle. Carter gained lasting fame after discovering the Tomb of Tutankhamun. The Howard Carter Google Doodle, which appeared globally, was created by talented […]

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Charles Darwin Google Doodle: His 200th Birthday

Charles Darwin 200th Birthday Google Doodle Visitors to the Google homepage on February 12th 2009, found that the search engine’s traditional logo had been temporarily replaced by a Charles Darwin Google Doodle. The Charles Darwin Google Doodle depicted a watercolour styled sketch, which depicted cliffs, grass and the sea. In addition the Charles Darwin Google Doodle also […]

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Circle App

GPS has become a permanent fixture in modern society, people use it to chart their position and to measure the distance and time of runs and bicycle rides. It is also used by individuals to check in to locations ranging from airports and train stations to restaurants and shops, displaying their activity freely to the […]

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