20 July 2017

5 Hidden Treasures For Content Creators

In this article, you’ll learn of some lesser known tools that are great for content creators, that can massively help you with the production of quality content. The pressure to produce and deliver content can be overwhelming for the best content creators. Many have risen to the challenges and have been able to ship great content by building up an arsenal of trusted tools that help maximise their time. Here are five hidden treasures that you may want to think about adding to your content creation tool kit.

5 Hidden Treasures For Content Creators

1. aims to inspire and enable anyone to represent an idea in a visual way. If you struggle with producing designs that are eye catching then will help fill that void. With a vast library of customisable templates and a browser based infographic editor, creating awesome visual stories has never been easier.

Free and paid versions

2. Gravity

With more and more content being delivered to users, the key is to deliver contextually accurate content i.e. that is to provide content to people at the right time and place so that it enhances their user experience. Gravity’s interest graph technology enables personalised content experiences and suggests content for each reader considering. Deliver the right content to your audience with this surprisingly powerful tool.

Paid version only ­­

3. Impact Blog Title Generator

Impact blog title generator is a valuable tool to help with creativity in writing. The tool essentially provides suggestions for blog titles – allowing you to become unstuck and on the move again when having to produce high volumes of content. Keep titles fresh and exciting with this simple yet effective tool designed by BlogAbout.


4. Quickmeme

Similar to Impact Blog Title Generator in terms of it’s simplicity, this online tool can provide you with those all important memes that help to present your content in a very sharable format. Memes can make blog posts much more memorable and incorporating them within your blog post can see engagement metrics rise. Simply press the “caption a meme” in the menu tab and select your background, write the text and hit save.


5. PowToon

With video becoming so ever more popular than static images, it can sometimes seem daunting to have to organise video creation and editing as part of the content creation process. PowToon provides you with a viable free option to help you create animated videos without the need for professional help. You can even record your own voice over the animated presentation. This is a great tool to bring your content to life and stand out from the crowd