5 September 2017

10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Use Whatever Your Budget

A problem many marketers find themselves with is little or no budget allocation. Still, with such a challenging backdrop, demand for results never seems to relax and as such marketers and content producers have to be creative in their thinking in order to produce various materials that help their target audience ultimately make a purchasing decision.

With that in mind, today’s blog post will hopefully help you by providing some of our favourite content hacks that will get your content flowing, whatever budget you may or may not have at your disposal.

10 Content Marketing Tips You Can Use Whatever Your Budget

1. Utilise your email list. You may find customer emails that have interesting, common enquiries that you’ve answered. Turning these into a blog post series can be a great way for your brand to provide information needs and drive organic traffic around key concerns

2. Interview your customer base. Sharing customer stories is a valuable means to producing content from the trenches, allowing transparency for others who may be trying to understand the consideration process themselves.

3. Find experts in your business that can offer authoritative content and a unique perspective to the content you are producing. For example, you can set up a monthly interview with the sales director on various subjects around your product or service and develop this into a valuable content piece that may well be able to be submitted onto trade sites with high authority domain strength.

4. Repurpose content into multiple formats. Atomisation is the process of taking for example the interview you did with the sales director and turning this into several pieces of content. You may create a blog post, a video series and a SlideShare presentation all from the same interview. Make sure to do this with a hot, popular topic.

5. Find any videos that your business has created and develop that into blog posts. The most popular videos shared by businesses are; Explainers, Product Demos, How-To’s and Testimonials. Make sure to embed your video into the post and keep them short – videos under 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 53%, whereas videos over 30 minutes retain only 10%.

6. Influencers may well be key to getting the reach you crave for your content. However, be realistic with where you are in your business. Influencers will want something in return for sharing your content or mentioning your brand. As such you will have to gauge the ROI for allocating budget to such a strategy. If done correctly, this technique can lead to a surge in brand awareness that most other strategies just can’t compete with.

7. Use ad platforms on social media as a way to amplify your content. This demands some budget allocation, but can really help get your content seen and hopefully organic reach will soon allow your content to be shared at no extra cost.

8. “Document, don’t create” is a tip of the hat to Gary V. When you have little or no budget creating content can seem like an uphill struggle and an expensive one at that. Instead trying to produce the perfect piece of content, simple get your iPhone out and take pictures and videos there and then. Documenting like this allows you to produce content regularly and consistently which is key for a strong social media presence.

9. Produce lots of case studies. These are not only a way to deliver authentic content, but also provide context to your product or service.

10. Use the correct tools that can help automate mundane tasks allowing you to free up valuable time so that you can get on with creating more wonderful content.