Reasons To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

To Facebook or Not to Facebook In this article we look at the many reasons to deactivate your Facebook account. Today it seems everyone has a Facebook account. In fact not having a Facebook account is akin to being a social pariah. It seems that if you do not wish to document your life on […]

Chinese Social Media: Red Sun Rising – The Dawn of Social Media

Red Sun Rising: The Dawn of Chinese Social Media With connections playing an essential part in the Chinese business community, it is perhaps then little wonder that Chinese social media has blossomed. Becoming the edifice shaping Chinese relationship-building; the evidence of this is clearly demonstrated through the vast number of China’s 513 million netizens who […]

Frames: Google and Frames – Search Engine Optimisation

Frames Once upon a time, in the World Wide Web’s infancy many websites were designed with frames. These were used on the internet before Google was even thought of. Quite recently, we were asked by a potential client about Google and frames, and whether or not they should be implemented. I know, crazy err, it […]

Business Social Mind – Businesses adopt a Social Mind

Business Social Mind The majority of folk these days use some form of social media, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. Though perhaps not MySpace. Does anyone use MySpace any more? Most of us are happy to confess we’re on there predominantly to swap photos and gossip with friends and family but through this businesses […]

Google Coding: Google blasts Pirates with Coding Cannonball

Google Coding As the world’s numero uno search engine, Google holds major sway over which businesses, products and social networking trends generate web traffic and make headlines. This article looks at the new Google algorithm coding. Rising to the top of Google rankings doesn’t happen by accident. It’s no secret that Google uses complex algorithms […]