Woman Uses Facebook To Sell Her Children

In the current financial climate many people are forced to make sacrifices. Pets are being abandoned or put into care. Debt is at an astronomical level. Payday loan companies are making a killing from people’s economic misfortune. However a parent from Oklahoma came up with an interesting financial solution to her problems. Simply put she […]

Second Most Tweeted Event in History: Papal Election

Second Most Tweeted Event in History – The Pope Users of Twitter may have felt recently that their feed was dominated in earlier this year by posts about the new pope. The new pope, Pope Francis I, is the first pope of South American origin. It is surprising perhaps that it has taken this long […]

Top Ten Tweets 2012: Twitter Tweeting News

Top Ten Tweets 2012 10. Twitter reports the death of Whitney Houston: Unfortunately the death of Whitney Houston made the list for the top ten tweets 2012. Twenty minutes before the world press released the tragic news of Whitney Houston’s death. It was Twitter which heralded the tragic news. The tweet read as follows, posted […]

Facebook Friend Advertising Allows Users to Pay to Promote Posts

Facebook Friend Advertising Do you want to promote your own posts? But at the same time conscious of appearing egotistical? Facebook have offers users the ability to pay to promote their own posts since October 2011. All users have to do is pay seven dollars and Facebook staff do the rest. Welcome to the world […]

Twittiquette: How not to ruin your life in 140 characters

Twittiquette A couple of notorious cases in the news have hammered home one extremely important lesson for tweeters everywhere: Twitter isn’t private. Durr and some tweeters need to exercise twittiquette! First came the case of the Swansea University student who posted several ill-advised, cruel and racist comments after the on-pitch collapse of Bolton Wanderers footballer […]

Seven Twitter Facts: Seven Years Old and Still Growing Strong

Seven Twitter Facts On Thursday 21st March 2013, Twitter celebrated its seventh birthday. The site has grown massively over the last few years to become one of the most used social media platforms so we have put together our favourite seven Twitter facts alongside a little history into this micro-blogging website. The site was born […]