LinkedIn Sue Unknown Hackers

News broke on January 7th 2014 that LinkedIn Corp, who are the operators of the world’s largest professional social media site, LinkedIn claimed that hackers who were making use of an automated software, had created thousands of fake member accounts. In addition, the hackers had made use of genuine data which had been copied from […]

Woman Uses Facebook To Sell Her Children

In the current financial climate many people are forced to make sacrifices. Pets are being abandoned or put into care. Debt is at an astronomical level. Payday loan companies are making a killing from people’s economic misfortune. However a parent from Oklahoma came up with an interesting financial solution to her problems. Simply put she […]

Tweeting Potential Clients: How to Engage in 140 Characters

Tweeting Potential Clients Tweeting Potential Clients – The challenge of engaging with potential clients in less than 140 characters: Initially Twitter can be extremely complex, confusing and sometimes misleading. Many people question the purpose of the format and fail to engage tweeting potential clients who have already shown an interest by following your account. Wondering […]

TimeRabbit: Facebook Introduces Time Measurement Device

TimeRabbit Facebook can become a never ending abyss of words, pictures, links and videos. How many hours are spent soullessly trudging, scrolling and stalking through friends? How many hours are spent looking through friends photo albums? A friend of mine once joked that Facebook should give its users time rebates. The world has been crying […]