How to Make Your YouTube Channel Succeed

Making your YouTube channel appealing to visitors is essential. However, page view and click statistics do not completely indicate whether your video marketing campaign is succeeding in its goals. Despite this, they do show how many people are viewing and interacting with your message. The role of a film editor is more than just creating […]

Vine Marketing: Using Vine Part Of A Social Media Marketing Campaign

Vine Marketing Twitter began utilising the Vine app in January 2013, and was available for iPhones from the start. However, the social media platform only launched an Android compatible app during August 2013. Numerous individuals have been taking advantage of the novel six second video sharing format provided by Vine for personal reasons. However, businesses […]

Youtube Vs Vimeo: Which is best for Video Marketing?

This article aims to compare the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo as mediums to broadcast your videos. Video marketing forms an integral part of any SEO project. It is an excellent way for businesses and companies to promote their content, increase interest in their brand, whilst also increasing the amount of traffic to their […]

Social Media Trends 2013: The Top Five to Watch

Social Media Trends 2013 There’s no doubt about it, social networking is the dominant online trend of the past few years. And more recently, its phenomenal growth has swept through the mobile world, too. Statistics show that almost 61% of people who use smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries or HTCs, use them to access social media platform sites […]

YouTube Marketing – Broadcast your Business with YouTube

YouTube Marketing In just a few years (believe it or not it was only launched in February 2005 in the US and June 2007 in the UK), it has become the largest video sharing site in the world and a massive part of contemporary culture. This article looks at business and YouTube marketing. Given it’s […]