Tips and Tricks to Optimise Twitter Search

Before examining the different methods that a user can utilise to optimise their Twitter search, a brief education in Twitter search is essential. Unfortunately the majority of netizens, who make use of social media sites, only make use of a minority of the functions. The Twitter search function is comprised of various options. On the left […]

How To Maximise Sales With Twitter’s New Profile Pages

Twitter recently unveiled a new appearance and interface for their profile pages. The new pages, which were released during April 2014, have a similar appearance to those found on Facebook in a number of ways. With the launch of the new profile pages many users were excited to see all of the new features which […]

How Social Media Affected The Arab Spring

A study conducted in 2011 quantified the effect which social media had on the Arab Spring. Whilst the revolution may no longer be televised there is an extremely high chance that it will be tweeted. Furthermore it is equally likely that it will blogged about, texted and according to the results of this survey even […]

Twitter Rejects NSA Participation

Twitter Boosts Security Credentials; Rejecting NSA Participation On Thursday 6th June 2013, The Washington Post and The Guardian revealed a list of companies allegedly working in participation with the large web based U.S. security program known as PRISM. However what was perhaps more interesting, were those who were absent rejecting NSA participation; most notably Twitter. The […]

Using Twitter Vine as a Tool to Grow Your Business

Twitter Vine was launched on January 24th 2013 and the concept was simple. A smartphone app which allows users to share six second videos with their Twitter following. Already the app has received the prestigious title of “the video Instagram”. The app records for the duration that users hold down on the record button. This […]

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

As social media grows, and its usage continues to increase at a huge rate, it is probable that it will reach a point where it is deeply saturated within both our culture and our conscience. Some would argue that this has already largely been accomplished, however the scope of that discussions spans beyond the limitations […]

TweetDeck 2013 Makeover

TweetDeck 2013 Makeover

Since the 2011 implementation of TweetDeck, the platform has continued to upgrade and enhance itself. June 2013 saw the addition of the pro tool, the most significant update to the format for years. From a visual perspective, the change is stunning. The early beta versions of the TweetDeck were dark, as designers opted for a […]

How Social Media Shaped the Boston Bombing Investigation

How Social Media Shaped the Boston Bombing Investigation

Monday 15th of April 2013, terror struck one of the largest cites on the American east coast, Boston. The terror came in the form of two bombs which exploded with a twelve second interlude. The bombs were situated near to the finish of the cities marathon. As rescuers rushed to help injured victims, the media […]

Social Media Revolution or The “Arab Spring”

Social Media Revolution It was in 2011 the social media platforms influenced The Arab Spring. Political scientists and experts are now asking what extent social media actually played in the revolutions. In 2011 revolution began in Tunisia and spread across the region felling dictatorships. Setting aside the question of the influence which social media held […]

Russian Social Media: The Growth of Social Media in Russia

Russian Social Media Awakening As Keith Richards (founding member of The Rolling Stones) commented “it was jeans and rock music that brought the iron curtain down”. As historian Niall Ferguson wittily noted: “perhaps the greatest mystery of the cold war is why the workers’ paradise could not manage to produce a decent pair of jeans.” […]