Social Media Fiascos: Seven Of Best Of The Worst

Social Media Fiascos Due to the excellent abilities to interact on a personal level, social media has been adopted by many businesses and companies throughout the world. However these campaigns can occasionally backfire. When this occurs the backlash for these companies is both painful and public. Collected beneath are a selection of some of the […]

Twitter Analytics Tool: The 101 Tutorial Guide

Twitter Analytics Collected here is a basic guide to help users make the most of the relatively new Twitter Analytics tool. When used correctly Analytics enable Twitter’s users to identify their most effective content. The first thing required to make use of the Twitter Analytics feature is to log in of course! Once you have […]

Twitter Archive: How To Utilise For Analysing Marketing Trends

Twitter Archive In December 2012 Twitter announced that it was providing all its users the ability to download a complete archive of all their tweets. This feature is a valuable asset to users who utilise the social media platform for marketing. The information will also prove a useful tool for marketers when deciding on future […]

Twitter Retweet Tips: Gain More Retweets

Twitter Retweet Tips Gaining retweets on Twitter is an excellent way of organically increasing the traffic to your blog, video or homepage. Retweets also provide you with greater exposure, as your content then appears in other people’s streams. This is an excellent way of attracting new followers. However gaining retweets can prove difficult. Below are […]

Social Media Facts 2013: What’s Been Going On?

Social Media Facts 2013 In the beginning many were dismissive of social media, seeing it as the online playground of teenagers. This trend was marked by the overwhelming number of teenagers who made up the virtual population of MySpace. Facebook changed everything. With Facebook the demographic shifted quickly from teenagers to college students. Twitter appeared […]

Geo Targeted Tweets: Tailored Tweets Coming To A Country Near You

Geo Targeted Tweets Twitter has gained widespread popularity with marketers as it enables them to reach a key audience with a specific message. Recent changes to the social media platform look set to greatly improve the potential accuracy that Twitter can provide when it comes to reaching your targeted audience. These changes come in the […]

Twitter Sales Study: Does The Social Media Platform Drive Sales

Twitter Sales Study Twitter promoted a Twitter sales study which was conducted during the summer of 2013. The study was one of a number the social media platform commissioned through the company Datalogix. The focus of the Twitter sales study was an attempt to link activity conducted on the platform to “the real world”. The results […]

Famous First Tweets on Twitter: Religion and Music to The US President

Famous First Tweets  Over its years of operation, Twitter has witnessed a number of famous first tweets. The Twitter VIP list includes religious leaders, musical superstars and social media platform CEOS.  The most challenging tweet of any account is perhaps the first tweet. With the first tweet brands, businesses and individuals announce their presence on […]

Twitter and Iran: Recent Events Suggest They May Lift The Ban

Twitter and Iran The latest Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, exchanged tweets with the Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey in October 2013. Observers suspect this may be the beginning stage of the lift on Iran’s Twitter ban. Rouhani has been making use of Twitter since he came to power in August 2013. The exchange began when Dorsey […]