Twitter Business Rules: Take Heed In 2014

Twitter Business Rules A seemingly continuous theme of Twitter is that individuals are often unaware of the potential implications and consequences of their comments, actions and behaviour on the social media platform. The problem is exacerbated when those acting on behalf of a brand, or who have a company name in their profile name, reveal […]

Geo Targeted Tweets: Tailored Tweets Coming To A Country Near You

Geo Targeted Tweets Twitter has gained widespread popularity with marketers as it enables them to reach a key audience with a specific message. Recent changes to the social media platform look set to greatly improve the potential accuracy that Twitter can provide when it comes to reaching your targeted audience. These changes come in the […]

Twitter April Fools 2013: Twittr and Twitter

Twitter April Fools 2013: Twittr and Twitter

Twitter April Fools 2013 On Monday April 1st 2013 Twitter announced to its users via a blog on the site that it was moving to a two tier service of operation. The two tier service included two options. The first option which was available to all of the platforms users, “Twttr”, which enabled users to […]

Second Most Tweeted Event in History: Papal Election

Second Most Tweeted Event in History – The Pope Users of Twitter may have felt recently that their feed was dominated in earlier this year by posts about the new pope. The new pope, Pope Francis I, is the first pope of South American origin. It is surprising perhaps that it has taken this long […]

Tweeting Potential Clients: How to Engage in 140 Characters

Tweeting Potential Clients Tweeting Potential Clients – The challenge of engaging with potential clients in less than 140 characters: Initially Twitter can be extremely complex, confusing and sometimes misleading. Many people question the purpose of the format and fail to engage tweeting potential clients who have already shown an interest by following your account. Wondering […]

Top Ten Tweets 2012: Twitter Tweeting News

Top Ten Tweets 2012 10. Twitter reports the death of Whitney Houston: Unfortunately the death of Whitney Houston made the list for the top ten tweets 2012. Twenty minutes before the world press released the tragic news of Whitney Houston’s death. It was Twitter which heralded the tragic news. The tweet read as follows, posted […]

Influential Tweeters to Follow on Twitter: The Top Five

Follow Us: Five Most Influential Tweeters Twitter as a social media platform is unique, in that it allows users to express themselves in only 140 characters at a time. Support for the platform has grown in leaps and bounds, with politicians and celebrities joining the site. They have found the platform useful as it allows […]

Twittiquette: How not to ruin your life in 140 characters

Twittiquette A couple of notorious cases in the news have hammered home one extremely important lesson for tweeters everywhere: Twitter isn’t private. Durr and some tweeters need to exercise twittiquette! First came the case of the Swansea University student who posted several ill-advised, cruel and racist comments after the on-pitch collapse of Bolton Wanderers footballer […]

Social Media Revolution or The “Arab Spring”

Social Media Revolution It was in 2011 the social media platforms influenced The Arab Spring. Political scientists and experts are now asking what extent social media actually played in the revolutions. In 2011 revolution began in Tunisia and spread across the region felling dictatorships. Setting aside the question of the influence which social media held […]