Facebook Update Like Button: The Iconic Button Changes

Facebook Update Like Button The Facebook “Like” button has become one of the most easily identifiable symbols of the twenty first century. As observed by The Verge’s Ellis Hamburger, even Facebook couldn’t have predicted back in 2010, when the platform launched the like button, how “ubiquitous” it would become. However the social media platform announced […]

Twitter and Iran: Recent Events Suggest They May Lift The Ban

Twitter and Iran The latest Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, exchanged tweets with the Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey in October 2013. Observers suspect this may be the beginning stage of the lift on Iran’s Twitter ban. Rouhani has been making use of Twitter since he came to power in August 2013. The exchange began when Dorsey […]

Influential Tweeters to Follow on Twitter: The Top Five

Follow Us: Five Most Influential Tweeters Twitter as a social media platform is unique, in that it allows users to express themselves in only 140 characters at a time. Support for the platform has grown in leaps and bounds, with politicians and celebrities joining the site. They have found the platform useful as it allows […]

Business Social Mind – Businesses adopt a Social Mind

Business Social Mind The majority of folk these days use some form of social media, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. Though perhaps not MySpace. Does anyone use MySpace any more? Most of us are happy to confess we’re on there predominantly to swap photos and gossip with friends and family but through this businesses […]