Circle App

GPS has become a permanent fixture in modern society, people use it to chart their position and to measure the distance and time of runs and bicycle rides. It is also used by individuals to check in to locations ranging from airports and train stations to restaurants and shops, displaying their activity freely to the […]

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: From a Harvard Dorm Room

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Facebook started life in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, when psychology student Mark Zuckerberg launched a network then called “the Facebook”. It was an instant hit with the student population. Within a month half of the undergraduates of the Ivy League university had an account. Access was periodically extended first […]

Facebook Study: New Study reveals Facebook may improve Self-Esteem

Facebook Study Contrary to previous studies, a recent Facebook study has revealed that it may actually raise self esteem. The Facebook study advised users who are feeling down or depressed to view their profile page which the study claims would lift their mood. This advice comes from a Facebook study which findings concluded that peoples […]

Reasons To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

To Facebook or Not to Facebook In this article we look at the many reasons to deactivate your Facebook account. Today it seems everyone has a Facebook account. In fact not having a Facebook account is akin to being a social pariah. It seems that if you do not wish to document your life on […]

Twittiquette: How not to ruin your life in 140 characters

Twittiquette A couple of notorious cases in the news have hammered home one extremely important lesson for tweeters everywhere: Twitter isn’t private. Durr and some tweeters need to exercise twittiquette! First came the case of the Swansea University student who posted several ill-advised, cruel and racist comments after the on-pitch collapse of Bolton Wanderers footballer […]

LinkedIn – Ten Tips for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn More and more professionals are creating an internet presence on social networking and job seeking site LinkedIn – but how many are scrutinising their profiles and asking whether they’re truly selling themselves in the best possible way? Your LinkedIn social media profile is, increasingly, the first exposure a potential employer will have to your […]

Business Social Mind – Businesses adopt a Social Mind

Business Social Mind The majority of folk these days use some form of social media, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. Though perhaps not MySpace. Does anyone use MySpace any more? Most of us are happy to confess we’re on there predominantly to swap photos and gossip with friends and family but through this businesses […]

Google Plus – Does Google have Facebook on the Run?

Google Plus It’s been awhile since Google launched its aggressive assault on the social networking market with its imaginatively-titled service, Google Plus. Shortly before celebrating its first birthday it hit a user milestone, with 250 million global accounts. Cynics point out that many of these are merely existing Google users. Their accounts were automatically upgraded […]

Ten Twitter Facts: Twitlets to dazzle Social Media Devotees

Ten Twitter Facts and The First Tweet Ever With everyone from Prime Minister David Cameron, The X-Factor’s Tulisa and us at SEO Web Marketing confessing their love of Twitter {@GoogleExpertUK}. The site is now a legitimate social networking tool for folk of all ages (famous or otherwise…) to share insights with family, friends and followers. […]

UK Social Media Snooping Laws – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

UK Social Media Snooping Laws News that the government plans to introduce UK social media snooping laws allowing it to monitor private web use, email communications and social networking messages has caused many a furrowed brow since being announced in March 2012. In simple terms, the measure permits GCHQ, the British intelligence agency based in […]