Tips and Tricks to Optimise Twitter Search

Before examining the different methods that a user can utilise to optimise their Twitter search, a brief education in Twitter search is essential. Unfortunately the majority of netizens, who make use of social media sites, only make use of a minority of the functions. The Twitter search function is comprised of various options. On the left […]

Latin America: Social Media Overview

The countries of Latin America continent share a common cultural and linguistic history. However each of these countries have their own, very different pre-colonial cultures and traditions, the combination of these two factors has had a distinct effect in shaping them into the countries they are today. So what social media networks are popular in […]

LinkedIn Sue Unknown Hackers

News broke on January 7th 2014 that LinkedIn Corp, who are the operators of the world’s largest professional social media site, LinkedIn claimed that hackers who were making use of an automated software, had created thousands of fake member accounts. In addition, the hackers had made use of genuine data which had been copied from […]

How Social Media Affected The Arab Spring

A study conducted in 2011 quantified the effect which social media had on the Arab Spring. Whilst the revolution may no longer be televised there is an extremely high chance that it will be tweeted. Furthermore it is equally likely that it will blogged about, texted and according to the results of this survey even […]

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

As social media grows, and its usage continues to increase at a huge rate, it is probable that it will reach a point where it is deeply saturated within both our culture and our conscience. Some would argue that this has already largely been accomplished, however the scope of that discussions spans beyond the limitations […]

TweetDeck 2013 Makeover

TweetDeck 2013 Makeover

Since the 2011 implementation of TweetDeck, the platform has continued to upgrade and enhance itself. June 2013 saw the addition of the pro tool, the most significant update to the format for years. From a visual perspective, the change is stunning. The early beta versions of the TweetDeck were dark, as designers opted for a […]

The Impact of Social Media on Film and TV Reviews

Increasingly in recent years, television shows and films are finding it increasingly difficult to muster the continued interest and positive reviews that enable their success. Due to the word of mouth nature on which social media platforms operate, twinned with the average user having direct access to over one hundred other people, bad reviews can spread […]

Facebook Compliments Pages: Social Media Marketing News

Facebook Compliments Pages In the autumn of 2012, a social media trend was to take the American college campuses by storm. This cyber fad came in the form of Facebook Compliments Pages. The origins of the Facebook Compliments Pages trend have been traced back to four students at Queens University in Kingston, Canada. The quadruplet […]