Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together?

Which Social Media Platforms Work Best When Used Together? When utilising social media as part of a brands online marketing strategy, it is incredibly important to understand each particular platform. This is because different platforms have slightly different audiences, have different preferred types of content and make use of different tones of conversation and types […]

Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle: The Inkblot Test

Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle Google celebrated what would have been the 129th birthday of the Swiss psychologist, with a Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle on November 8th 2013. The Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle, which can still be viewed by clicking here, was in black and white and featured a cartoon depiction of Rorschach holding a pen […]

Nike Social Media: Nike’s Exceptional Social Media Campaigns

Nike Social Media Campaigns Nike is an excellent example of a company who has successfully increased their brand exposure through a number of highly effective social media campaigns. Collected beneath are a number of these Nike social media examples, some of which tie into the brand’s huge #makeitcount initiative and their Nike+ network. However other […]

Google Plus Tools: The Top Ten For Small Businesses

Google Plus Tools 2014 looks set to be an exciting year for social media platforms, especially Google Plus. Created in 2011, Google Plus was dismissed early on as unpopular and unfinished. Despite this early dismal, Google Plus has gained over one billion unique user accounts. The community which Google Plus provides for its users is […]

Smashing Pumpkins Social Media: A Successful Visual Campaign

Smashing Pumpkins Social Media Recently the world famous band, The Smashing Pumpkins decided to connect with their cyber fans through a visually based social media marketing campaign. The Smashing Pumpkins social media campaign aimed to draw fans in by directly asking them questions about the songs the band was set to release on their latest […]

Social Media Tips: Get The Most Out Of The Platforms

Social Media Tips When shaping successful social media campaigns, it can be hard for small businesses. Often the problem lies in attempting to best engage with an audience through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Collected beneath are a selection of tried and tested social media tips for small businesses to employ to […]

Social Media Facts 2013: What’s Been Going On?

Social Media Facts 2013 In the beginning many were dismissive of social media, seeing it as the online playground of teenagers. This trend was marked by the overwhelming number of teenagers who made up the virtual population of MySpace. Facebook changed everything. With Facebook the demographic shifted quickly from teenagers to college students. Twitter appeared […]

Twitter Direct Messaging App: Plans To Unveil App Similar To WhatsApp

Twitter Direct Messaging App In a recent interview a Twitter spokesperson announced the platform’s ambition to launch a “stand alone direct messaging application”. It is thought the Twitter Direct Messaging App aims to rival existing popular apps including Snapchat and WhatsApp. This move is part of a greater movement by the platform to refresh Twitter’s […]