5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Plus

As a social media platform, Google Plus is still popular. This is largely because it is an excellent way to meet new people, connect with prospective customers and also to deepen relationships with existing customers. Whilst this can be achieved on other social media platforms, Google Plus provides a forum where this can be achieved on […]

Why Google Plus Should Be Part of Your Social Media Package

It always been said that Google Plus will become the most important social media platform in a company’s online communication arsenal. Despite this, a large number of people are still familiarising themselves with Google Plus as a social media platform. For those people here is a brief background of the social media platform: Google Plus is similar […]

Small Business Owners and Google Plus

Small Business Owners and Google Plus   It is a widely known fact that providing and creating a solid social media presence is essential to ensure success for a brand or company’s online marketing campaign. In the case of small and local businesses this is doubly true. This is because these companies are reliant on […]

LinkedIn Publishing Platform: The Positives And Negatives

LinkedIn Publishing Platform On February 19th 2014 the professional social media platform LinkedIn announced, via a blog from their site, that they would be making their LinkedIn Publishing Platform available to all their users. The blog can still be viewed by clicking here. With the opening of this new LinkedIn Publishing Platform feature many feared […]

Facebook Ads: A Complete Glossary Of Terms And Features

Glossary Of Facebook Ads Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful tool, it can also be complicated. Due to the numerous terms and features which are included it can be difficult to learn how to take full advantage of the Facebook ads service. Due to this a glossary of terms and features has been provided beneath, […]

Facebook Changes It’s User Interface

Facebook Changes It’s User Interface In March 2014 Facebook announced their intention to unroll a major redesign to their social media platform’s homepage and Newsfeed. The platform released a “revised” version of their Newsfeed in 2013, which according to an article written during March 2014 by MarketingLand was well received. So well received that the […]

Successful Facebook Posts: The Secrets To Posting

Successful Facebook Posts When it comes to Facebook posts it is not a matter of quantity, in some cases quantity, whether it is too much or too little can actually be negative. Successful Facebook posts can be quantified in two ways, is the post being interacted with and are users actually seeing the post? In […]

New Facebook Facts: Pew Research on the Platform

New Facebook Facts The world’s most popular social media network, Facebook, celebrated its tenth birthday on February 4th 2014. The social media platform is used by 57% of all Americans over 18. In addition, according to statistics from Pew Research, the number of user’s who access the platform on a daily basis has increased since […]

Instagram Tips: How To Be Successful On The Platform In 2014

Instagram Tips  Instagram provides users with a photo and video sharing social media platform, it also offers users a number of digital filters, enabling them to transform their photos into professional looking images. The success and popularity of Instagram can be attributed to the ease with which it can be used. This is not simply […]

Facebook Donate Button: Introduce The “Donate Now” Button

Facebook Donate Button On December 16th 2013, Facebook released the “Donate Now” button. The Facebook Donate Button aims to make it far easier for non-profit organisations and charities to receive donations through the social media platform. Despite the Facebook Donate Button’s overtly charitable objectives, sceptics are worried about the covert undertones. The scepticism stems from […]