Pinterest Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Pinterest Metrics Pinterest has become an exceptionally popular social media platform for brands looking to extend the reach of their web marketing efforts. A number of brands who have created and overseen insightful campaigns, are making use of the social pin-board to boost awareness for their brand and are delivering fresh and interesting content. Surely […]

Pinterest Success: How to Measure Your Marketing

Pinterest Success Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms currently in existence. Due to this it is also one of the most useful social marketing tools for small or local businesses. A Comscore survey recently revealed that when compared with other social media sites, Pinterest users spend more money and purchase more […]

LinkedIn Marketing: How To Up Your Game On The Platform

How To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Over its years of operation, LinkedIn has earned a reputation as a social media platform which is suited purely for networking or recruitment for business professionals. However this is changing. Over recent months, the platform has implemented a number of changes. These changes include the introduction of a variety […]

Pinterest Business Account: Getting Started

Pinterest Business Account As a platform, Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm. Initially many were sceptic of the platform, especially for use by businesses. Pinterest introduced “pinning” to the internet just two years ago. Since then the platform has become one of the most popular social media sites around. A recent […]

LinkedIns Most Successful Corporate Account: LinkedIn and HP

LinkedIn’s Most Successful Corporate Account On Thursday February 28th 2013 LinkedIn announced that HP was the first company to achieve one million followers and become it’s most successful corporate account. The Vice president of marketing on the site Nick Besbeas explains the how and why. He says HP built up their following by the companies strategic […]

Social Media Marketing Tips: Key Ideas for Various Platforms

Social Media Marketing Tips Due to the vast amount of social media platforms currently available, providing a consistent marketing strategy which can be utilised on all platforms can prove difficult. Also due to the sheer volume of companies, businesses and individuals making use of social media platforms for marketing purposes, developing a strategy which works […]

Tweeting Potential Clients: How to Engage in 140 Characters

Tweeting Potential Clients Tweeting Potential Clients – The challenge of engaging with potential clients in less than 140 characters: Initially Twitter can be extremely complex, confusing and sometimes misleading. Many people question the purpose of the format and fail to engage tweeting potential clients who have already shown an interest by following your account. Wondering […]

Facebook Friend Advertising Allows Users to Pay to Promote Posts

Facebook Friend Advertising Do you want to promote your own posts? But at the same time conscious of appearing egotistical? Facebook have offers users the ability to pay to promote their own posts since October 2011. All users have to do is pay seven dollars and Facebook staff do the rest. Welcome to the world […]