New Bing Logo and “One Microsoft”: New Features

New Bing Logo and “One Microsoft” In the summer of 2013 Microsoft made the announcement that it intended to adjust how Bing operated. It announced that the changes were intended to create a format where both users and developers would be able to tap into a vast wealth of resources in order to help them […]

PageRank for Eco Systems by Using Google Algorithm

PageRank for Eco Systems In 2009, researchers discovered a new use for the Google algorithm: to determine which species are critical in order to sustain various ecosystems by using PageRank for Eco Systems. The discovery was made by a paper which was published in PLoS Computational Biology. The paper claimed that the PageRank feature used […]

Earth Day Google Doodle: 20th April 2013

Earth Day Google Doodle On April 20th 2013, Google celebrated Earth day in a big way, with one of its most detailed doodles to date. There was a lot to experience; so much so that the friendly search engine provided viewers with a checklist to ensure that users didn’t miss anything on the Earth Day […]

Yahoo Logo Rebrand: Thirty Days and Thirty Logos

Yahoo Logo Rebrand Under the new CEO management of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has shed its archaic logo from the 90s. The search engine made the announcement on Wednesday 7th August 2013. This is the first change to the company logo since it was established over 18 years ago. It has been revealed that the new […]

Bing April Fools 2013: Bing Basic and SEO Tag

Bing April Fools 2013 This year Bing joined the search engine April Fools’ Day bandwagon. As a search engine Bing is late to join the April Fools’ Day based tomfoolery however due to the strength of the two gags it unveiled for public consumption the search engine looks to be one to watch in future […]