The Google Doodle Team

Frequently the Google homepage is taken over by artistic “google doodles” celebrating the anniversary or birthday of a significant event, individual or location. But who creates these doodles? Just three examples of the past doodles, a Pac-Man game, a playable Les Paul Guitar and an interactive underwater world, to celebrate the birthday of Jules Verne, […]

Douglas Adams Google Doodle: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe

Douglas Adams Google Doodle On March 11th 2013 Google celebrated the sixty first birthday of author Douglas Adams, with a Douglas Adams Google Doodle which pays tribute to his most famous literary outing: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. The interactive Google Doodle included a few special treats to mark the occasion. When users placed […]

Earth Day Google Doodle: 20th April 2013

Earth Day Google Doodle On April 20th 2013, Google celebrated Earth day in a big way, with one of its most detailed doodles to date. There was a lot to experience; so much so that the friendly search engine provided viewers with a checklist to ensure that users didn’t miss anything on the Earth Day […]