Summer 2014: Social Media Trends

Vine The video sharing app has slowly but surely gained ground in the social media world. When Instagram launched its video sharing option, it looked like the days of Vine were numbered. However the platform’s six second videos kept bringing users back to the app. A number of brands, such as Dunkin Donuts, harnessed the […]

Simple Twitter Business Tips: 7 Simple Tips to Expand your Business

Simple Twitter Business Tips: 7 Tips Simply put, if you are not using Twitter as part of your online marketing, you are missing out. The social media platform provides massive promotional potential, 140 characters at a time. Unfortunately, the platform is often misunderstood. At times it can frustrate and even alienate users who are not […]

Facebook Hashtags: Marketing Potential and Privacy Issues

Facebook Hashtags Facebook announced its intention to introduce Twitter like hashtags in June 2013. However it was not immediately clear what advantage these would have for marketers who make use of the social media platform. The announcement was accompanied by little in the way of information, except that in the short term there would be […]

Twitter Archive: How To Utilise For Analysing Marketing Trends

Twitter Archive In December 2012 Twitter announced that it was providing all its users the ability to download a complete archive of all their tweets. This feature is a valuable asset to users who utilise the social media platform for marketing. The information will also prove a useful tool for marketers when deciding on future […]

Google Plus Redesign: What’s New with Google+

Google Plus Redesign What’s new with Google Plus Redesign? For a brief summary of the Google Plus Redesign click the image on the left. Now let’s take a closer look at the specific new and exciting updates to the Google Plus redesign: 1)      Multiple Columns This Google Plus Redesign feature is dependent on the size […]