5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Plus

As a social media platform, Google Plus is still popular. This is largely because it is an excellent way to meet new people, connect with prospective customers and also to deepen relationships with existing customers. Whilst this can be achieved on other social media platforms, Google Plus provides a forum where this can be achieved on […]

Why Google Plus Should Be Part of Your Social Media Package

It always been said that Google Plus will become the most important social media platform in a company’s online communication arsenal. Despite this, a large number of people are still familiarising themselves with Google Plus as a social media platform. For those people here is a brief background of the social media platform: Google Plus is similar […]

Google Plus Community Redesign

Google Plus Community Redesign

According to a recent BlogSpot blog release Google Plus is now the fastest growing social media platform in existence. With active users numbering over 500 million, and over 235 million individuals active on the platform throughout the internet. This interaction is through +1’ing applications in Google Play and across the internet, hanging out with friends […]

LinkedIn or Google Plus: Where should you invest your time?

LinkedIn or Google Plus With the vast range of social media platforms to choose from, many users are left wondering where they should invest their time. As the network of social media platforms is constantly changing and the popularity of platforms fluctuate, users need to adapt their strategy accordingly. In this article we look at […]