6 Facebook Page Features For Small Businesses

Facebook has long been the cornerstone of many businesses social media marketing strategy. Whilst many page managers are able to competently navigate and make use of their Facebook Page features, there may be a number of the platform’s features which they are not taking full advantage of. To allow small businesses to take full advantage of […]

Facebook Tests Video Auto-Play In Newsfeed

Facebook embarked on a series of tests for video auto-play in newsfeed which are intended to play automatically on the service the platform provides to various mobile devices. If the tests are successful, the platform looks set to transform its social media network with a membership in excess of 1.15 billion members into an attractive venue […]

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

Top 25 Social Media Stats 2013

As social media grows, and its usage continues to increase at a huge rate, it is probable that it will reach a point where it is deeply saturated within both our culture and our conscience. Some would argue that this has already largely been accomplished, however the scope of that discussions spans beyond the limitations […]

NSA Legal Grounds for Accessing Data Held by Google and Facebook

NSA Legal Grounds for Accessing Data Held by Google and Facebook

It is now common knowledge that the NSA can access the personal data held by Google, Facebook and seven other major internet companies through a program called PRISM. This information was revealed in The Washington Post on Thursday 6th June 2013. The Director of National intelligence stated that PRISM was specifically used to access the […]

The Impact of Social Media on Film and TV Reviews

Increasingly in recent years, television shows and films are finding it increasingly difficult to muster the continued interest and positive reviews that enable their success. Due to the word of mouth nature on which social media platforms operate, twinned with the average user having direct access to over one hundred other people, bad reviews can spread […]

Woman Uses Facebook To Sell Her Children

In the current financial climate many people are forced to make sacrifices. Pets are being abandoned or put into care. Debt is at an astronomical level. Payday loan companies are making a killing from people’s economic misfortune. However a parent from Oklahoma came up with an interesting financial solution to her problems. Simply put she […]

Facebook Refuse to Disclose NSA Data Requests

Facebook Refuse to Disclose NSA Data Requests

On Tuesday 11th June, Google announced the details of its links with the National Security Agency (NSA) and the company’s involvement with internet surveillance. After this announcement many expected other sites known to be involved with NSA to do the same. However they were proven wrong. When Facebook was asked the following day how it […]

Social Media Trends 2013: The Top Five to Watch

Social Media Trends 2013 There’s no doubt about it, social networking is the dominant online trend of the past few years. And more recently, its phenomenal growth has swept through the mobile world, too. Statistics show that almost 61% of people who use smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries or HTCs, use them to access social media platform sites […]

Social Media Marketing Myths: Exposing the Common Myths

Social Media Marketing Myths Exposed Over the short history of social media a number of myths have cropped up. As with myths in other areas of life, these social media marketing myths have in some circles have gained the validity of facts. There are a number of reasons to explain the creation of these myths. […]