Facebook Study: New Study reveals Facebook may improve Self-Esteem

Facebook Study Contrary to previous studies, a recent Facebook study has revealed that it may actually raise self esteem. The Facebook study advised users who are feeling down or depressed to view their profile page which the study claims would lift their mood. This advice comes from a Facebook study which findings concluded that peoples […]

Reasons To Deactivate Your Facebook Account

To Facebook or Not to Facebook In this article we look at the many reasons to deactivate your Facebook account. Today it seems everyone has a Facebook account. In fact not having a Facebook account is akin to being a social pariah. It seems that if you do not wish to document your life on […]

Forty Facebook Facts: From Population, Usage to Globalisation

Forty Facebook Facts Increasingly Facebook has become ‘the social media website’ place to be. These forty Facebook facts aim to provide an insight into the world’s busiest social media platform. Whether keeping in touch with friends or family, or to access the latest celebrity gossip and world news. Equally people are using the platform to […]

Facebook Self Censorship: 71% of Users Censor their Content

Facebook Self Censorship The majority of active users of social media, who regularly post content, will be familiar with the sensation of going to post a status or submit content. Going to press post or submit, then questioning the content, editing it, and in some cases deleting the status deciding against publicising it. Introducing Facebook […]