6 Facebook Page Features For Small Businesses

Facebook has long been the cornerstone of many businesses social media marketing strategy. Whilst many page managers are able to competently navigate and make use of their Facebook Page features, there may be a number of the platform’s features which they are not taking full advantage of. To allow small businesses to take full advantage of […]

Facebook: New Advertising Opportunities

Facebook now offers marketers two advertising opportunities, to help them increase their reach to a larger audience. The two Facebook advertising options are video ads and job targeting ads. Advertising on Facebook is nothing new. Currently a large number of businesses, both big and small, invest in Facebook advertising as part of their activities on […]

Successful Facebook Posts: The Secrets To Posting

Successful Facebook Posts When it comes to Facebook posts it is not a matter of quantity, in some cases quantity, whether it is too much or too little can actually be negative. Successful Facebook posts can be quantified in two ways, is the post being interacted with and are users actually seeing the post? In […]

Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Can Harm Your Results

Facebook Marketing Mistakes Over the last few years Facebook has become an extremely popular marketing tool. It is not only online marketers who take full advantage of the social media platform but also business owners. Business owners are making use of the platform as a means of boosting brand awareness whilst also making a greater […]

Business Pages Appear in Facebook Local Mobile Search Results

Business Pages Appear in Facebook Local Mobile Search Results

Business Pages Appear in Facebook Local Mobile Search Results In December 2012 Facebook revolutionised its local search feature. The platform altered the “Nearby” tab, as part of the renovation, local businesses now feature. This increases the liklihood that local businesses will be discovered from their Facebook page. It also provides a compelling reason for local […]