Charles Darwin Google Doodle: His 200th Birthday

Charles Darwin 200th Birthday Google Doodle Visitors to the Google homepage on February 12th 2009, found that the search engine’s traditional logo had been temporarily replaced by a Charles Darwin Google Doodle. The Charles Darwin Google Doodle depicted a watercolour styled sketch, which depicted cliffs, grass and the sea. In addition the Charles Darwin Google Doodle also […]

Mark Twain Google Doodle: One Of America’s Greatest Novelists

Mark Twain Google Doodle On November 30th 2011, the Google doodle team created a Mark Twain Google Doodle to celebrate what would have been the 174th birthday of one of America’s greatest novelists. The doodler responsible for the Mark Twain Google Doodle task was Google’s exceptionally talented Jennifer Hom. In a blog to commemorate the Mark […]