Why Google Plus Should Be Part of Your Social Media Package

It always been said that Google Plus will become the most important social media platform in a company’s online communication arsenal. Despite this, a large number of people are still familiarising themselves with Google Plus as a social media platform. For those people here is a brief background of the social media platform: Google Plus is similar […]

Business Rocks 2016 – Tech, Music & Investment Summit

Business Rocks 2016 Attention all entrepreneurs, start-ups, movers, shakers, and future world changers: get yourselves to Manchester this April for Business Rocks 2016 Tech, Music, and Investment summit. What’s the goal of this event? To gather the brightest, hungriest, and most creative minds from around the globe together in one place to generate, incubate, and execute […]

Business Rocks 2016 – A Full Cast of Brilliance

Business Rocks 2016 March 8th was International Women’s Day but it feels like there is a second “unofficial” International Women’s Day going down this April. It’s happening this April 21st – 22nd in Manchester at the first Annual Business Rocks 2016 tech, music, and business conference; founded by Jonny Cadden from TechCluster.   Poised to become […]

Small Business Owners and Google Plus

Small Business Owners and Google Plus   It is a widely known fact that providing and creating a solid social media presence is essential to ensure success for a brand or company’s online marketing campaign. In the case of small and local businesses this is doubly true. This is because these companies are reliant on […]

Facebook Ad Sets: Additions To Facebook Ads Structure

Facebook Ad Sets Prior to the recent changes, the Facebook Ads structure offered users a simple two level structure, Campaign and Ads. The Campaign option was used to set up the start and end dates for an Ad Campaign, in addition to the daily and overall budget of the campaign. The Ads option provided users […]

Instagram Tips: How To Be Successful On The Platform In 2014

Instagram Tips  Instagram provides users with a photo and video sharing social media platform, it also offers users a number of digital filters, enabling them to transform their photos into professional looking images. The success and popularity of Instagram can be attributed to the ease with which it can be used. This is not simply […]

Google Plus Tools: The Top Ten For Small Businesses

Google Plus Tools 2014 looks set to be an exciting year for social media platforms, especially Google Plus. Created in 2011, Google Plus was dismissed early on as unpopular and unfinished. Despite this early dismal, Google Plus has gained over one billion unique user accounts. The community which Google Plus provides for its users is […]

Twitter Lead Generation Cards: Connecting Offline

Twitter Lead Generation Cards During May 2013 Twitter launched “Lead Generation Cards”, a sleek feature which is designed to enable advertisers and promoters to find and engage with potential clients and customers offline. Initially, the Twitter Lead Generation Cards were only available to a limited number of the social media platform’s users. After testing was […]

Social Media Fiascos: Seven Of Best Of The Worst

Social Media Fiascos Due to the excellent abilities to interact on a personal level, social media has been adopted by many businesses and companies throughout the world. However these campaigns can occasionally backfire. When this occurs the backlash for these companies is both painful and public. Collected beneath are a selection of some of the […]

Google Plus Hangouts Feature: Don’t Miss Out

Google Plus Hangouts Feature The Google Plus Hangouts feature is quite possibly the platforms most useful yet underrated feature. The Google Plus Hangouts Feature is ideally suited for personal socialising and professional work. This is due to the feature’s ease of use of the feature and its versatility. What’s more, the Google Plus Hangouts feature […]