Twitter Direct Messaging App: Plans To Unveil App Similar To WhatsApp

Twitter Direct Messaging App In a recent interview a Twitter spokesperson announced the platform’s ambition to launch a “stand alone direct messaging application”. It is thought the Twitter Direct Messaging App aims to rival existing popular apps including Snapchat and WhatsApp. This move is part of a greater movement by the platform to refresh Twitter’s […]

Google Plus Redesign: What’s New with Google+

Google Plus Redesign What’s new with Google Plus Redesign? For a brief summary of the Google Plus Redesign click the image on the left. Now let’s take a closer look at the specific new and exciting updates to the Google Plus redesign: 1)      Multiple Columns This Google Plus Redesign feature is dependent on the size […]

Facebook Graph Search: New Product Launch

Facebook Graph Search The Facebook Graph Search function was first announced by Mark Zuckerberg on January 15th 2013. The function was stated to be a tool which enabled users to uniquely structure online searches. At the time Zuckerberg explained how the Facebook Graph Search feature differs from a traditional web search. “We are not indexing […]

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: The Origin of the Word Tweet

Where the Word Tweet Came From Prior to the launch of Twitter in 2006, the word tweet was never used in the verb or noun context with which it is now commonly associated. At the platforms launch, their services were described either as “tweetering”. Users of the social media platform were then referred to as […]

Google Plus Hangout: Google Plus Hangout Capture App

Google Plus Hangout Capture App In early 2013 Google announced they would be introducing a “capture” app for the Google Plus Hangout platform. The application would allow users to record and save their hangouts, allowing them to relive the hangout at a later date. A spokesman for Google: Jeremy Ng, recently commented in a post […]

Google Glass: The Lowdown on the Google Glasses

Google Glass When Google publically unveiled its plans for Google Glass, the technological world was instantly split into two camps. One camp was for the new technology, citing the technology as a step towards a sci-fi future. The other camp was adamantly opposed to the revelation, fearing that Google would merely use the new activity […]

Facebook Likes: What Your Facebook Likes Say About You

Your Facebook Likes We share an enormous amount of our lives on the social media platform. Not merely in what we post but also in which Facebook pages we like. These Facebook likes can be used by employers and friends alike to build an accurate portrait of us as individuals. A recent survey has gone […]

TimeRabbit: Facebook Introduces Time Measurement Device

TimeRabbit Facebook can become a never ending abyss of words, pictures, links and videos. How many hours are spent soullessly trudging, scrolling and stalking through friends? How many hours are spent looking through friends photo albums? A friend of mine once joked that Facebook should give its users time rebates. The world has been crying […]