Leon Foucault Google Doodle: His 194th Birthday

Leon Foucault Google Doodle Google celebrated what would have been Leon Foucault’s 194th birthday with an animated doodle on September 18th 2013. Foucault was born in 1819 in Pairs, his father was a publisher. Initially Foucault pursued career in medicine which he later abandoned due to his crippling fear of blood. After his career change, […]

Claude Debussy Google Doodle: His 151st Birthday

Claude Debussy Google Doodle The 22nd August 2013 saw Google play homage to what would have been Claude Debussy’s 151th birthday with a Claude Debussy Google Doodle. Debussy is often acknowledged as one of the twentieth century’s most influential composers. Additionally, Debussy is considered a pivotal player in the development of impressionist music. His trademark […]

Petri Dish Google Doodle – Julius Richard Petri

Petri Dish Google Doodle On May 31st 2013 a fully animated Doodle was created to celebrate the one hundred and sixty first birthday of the world famous German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri. Born in Barmen, Germany in 1852, Petri received his degree from Berlins Kaiser-Wilhelm Academy for military physicians in 1876.  According to his biography […]

Maurice Sendak Google Doodle: Cherished Cultural Icon

Maurice Sendak Google Doodle On Monday 10th June 2013 Google paid homage to Maurice Sendak, the famous children’s author and illustrator. The Maurice Sendak Google Doodle celebrated what would have been the deceased illustrators 85th birthday, his most famous works include: “Where the Wild Things Are,” “In the Night Kitchen“, and “Outside over There.“ Through […]