Successful Facebook Posts: The Secrets To Posting

Successful Facebook Posts When it comes to Facebook posts it is not a matter of quantity, in some cases quantity, whether it is too much or too little can actually be negative. Successful Facebook posts can be quantified in two ways, is the post being interacted with and are users actually seeing the post? In […]

Google Plus Photos: Location Mapping To Many More Services

Google Plus Photos Google Plus Photos Location Mapping and Geo-tagging: If Exif information is available on a user’s photos and pictures then Google Plus provides them with the option to enable the location mapping of the image to be added to the photo on the platform. This location mapping can then be viewed by other […]

Cadburys Social Media Campaign: We Like That!

How Cadbury’s Chocolate Thumb Boosted The Company’s Facebook Following Increasingly social media is becoming an integral part of business’s online marketing campaigns. When it comes to developing future social media campaigns it never hurts to look at previous ones as case studies, to identify new strategies which can be adopted in order to improve a […]

Google In Depth Stories: Broader Search Now Available

Google In Depth Stories During August 2013 Google released a new feature in the form of Google In Depth Stories. This feature aims to make it easier for the search engine user’s to find articles which are relevant whilst also providing depth on a range of broad topics. The product manager, Jake Hubert revealed to […]

PageRank for Eco Systems by Using Google Algorithm

PageRank for Eco Systems In 2009, researchers discovered a new use for the Google algorithm: to determine which species are critical in order to sustain various ecosystems by using PageRank for Eco Systems. The discovery was made by a paper which was published in PLoS Computational Biology. The paper claimed that the PageRank feature used […]

Social Media Marketing Myths: Exposing the Common Myths

Social Media Marketing Myths Exposed Over the short history of social media a number of myths have cropped up. As with myths in other areas of life, these social media marketing myths have in some circles have gained the validity of facts. There are a number of reasons to explain the creation of these myths. […]

Facebook Likes: What Your Facebook Likes Say About You

Your Facebook Likes We share an enormous amount of our lives on the social media platform. Not merely in what we post but also in which Facebook pages we like. These Facebook likes can be used by employers and friends alike to build an accurate portrait of us as individuals. A recent survey has gone […]