Facebook Ad Sets: Additions To Facebook Ads Structure

Facebook Ad Sets Prior to the recent changes, the Facebook Ads structure offered users a simple two level structure, Campaign and Ads. The Campaign option was used to set up the start and end dates for an Ad Campaign, in addition to the daily and overall budget of the campaign. The Ads option provided users […]

Facebook Ads: A Complete Glossary Of Terms And Features

Glossary Of Facebook Ads Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful tool, it can also be complicated. Due to the numerous terms and features which are included it can be difficult to learn how to take full advantage of the Facebook ads service. Due to this a glossary of terms and features has been provided beneath, […]

Facebook Insights: A Complete Glossary Of Terms

Facebook Insights Glossary Due to the scope of terms associated with Facebook Insights, it is easy to confuse these terms, both in terms of what they mean and the function they perform. Unfortunately, Facebook is not particularly forthcoming in providing a description of the Facebook Insights terms. Due to this the following glossary has been […]

Facebook Plans: What’s Happening In 2014?

Facebook Plans In 2014 Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday so in this article we explore possible Facebook Plans. During its first decade of operation, Facebook has gained over one billion users globally, hosted a presidential town hall, and was the central topic of a film, in addition to connecting users to one another across the […]

Twitter Plans: What To Expect On The Social Media Platform In 2014

Twitter Plans When Twitter began seven years ago it was a collection of ragtag hackers fighting for the basis on which the site would operate, whilst trying to stop the site from crashing. From these humble beginnings Twitter has come an incredibly long way. The company is well on track to collect over half a […]

Smashing Pumpkins Social Media: A Successful Visual Campaign

Smashing Pumpkins Social Media Recently the world famous band, The Smashing Pumpkins decided to connect with their cyber fans through a visually based social media marketing campaign. The Smashing Pumpkins social media campaign aimed to draw fans in by directly asking them questions about the songs the band was set to release on their latest […]

Oreo Social Media: Their Marketing Secrets

Oreo Social Media The Oreo marketing team is forever working industriously to create a hype for their black and white cookies. Social media is their chosen vehicle for these efforts. The techniques deployed by the Oreo social media marketing team whilst highly innovative and effective, are not in of themselves difficult to replicate. Due to […]

Facebook Tools: Including Some Lesser Known Ones

Facebook Tools Most individuals who make use of the social media platform will be familiar with the basic Facebook tools. These basic tools include sending messages, sharing content and liking posts. However many of the platform’s users are unfamiliar with Facebook tools such as the Activity Log or the Browse tool. Collected beneath is a […]