Google Coding: Google blasts Pirates with Coding Cannonball

Google Coding As the world’s numero uno search engine, Google holds major sway over which businesses, products and social networking trends generate web traffic and make headlines. This article looks at the new Google algorithm coding. Rising to the top of Google rankings doesn’t happen by accident. It’s no secret that Google uses complex algorithms […]

Fake Facebook Profiles: Facebook phoneys muddy the maths

Fake Facebook Profiles Is Facebook really good value? That’s a question many folk have been asking lately but not just the investors who’ve seen the value of their shares plunge post-flotation perhaps it has something to do with all of the fake Facebook profiles. Businesses continue to invest in advertising on Facebook, both to increase […]

Twitter What Ted Said – How to win friends and influence people

Twitter What Ted Said In the oh-so-sincere, perma-smile world of Hollywood, nobody was expecting on Twitter What Ted Said. We’re all too used to actors speaking in glowing terms about their co-stars while espousing the ‘artistic resonance’ of their latest special effects smorgasbord. So, it makes a refreshing change to discover a potty-mouthed thespian using […]

Google Plus – Does Google have Facebook on the Run?

Google Plus It’s been awhile since Google launched its aggressive assault on the social networking market with its imaginatively-titled service, Google Plus. Shortly before celebrating its first birthday it hit a user milestone, with 250 million global accounts. Cynics point out that many of these are merely existing Google users. Their accounts were automatically upgraded […]

Business Social Media – Can Social Media really leave you Quids in?

Business Social Media It’s a debate that’s spanned boardrooms to bedrooms: “Social media – it’s nice and cute and everything but are any companies actually making money from it. And can we improve our business social media?” Let’s face it, it’s easy enough for a business to gain ‘Friends’ and ‘Likes’. Send out enough invites, links and […]

Facebook Lessons From McDonald’s

Facebook Lessons From McDonald’s In 2012 McDonald’s launched a Facebook based social media campaign, which clearly demonstrated that it was possible to generate a huge return on investment through a series of quick serves. Through the Facebook based campaign the global fast food franchise gained an increase in both sales and the number of visitors […]

Ten Twitter Facts: Twitlets to dazzle Social Media Devotees

Ten Twitter Facts and The First Tweet Ever With everyone from Prime Minister David Cameron, The X-Factor’s Tulisa and us at SEO Web Marketing confessing their love of Twitter {@GoogleExpertUK}. The site is now a legitimate social networking tool for folk of all ages (famous or otherwise…) to share insights with family, friends and followers. […]

UK Social Media Snooping Laws – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

UK Social Media Snooping Laws News that the government plans to introduce UK social media snooping laws allowing it to monitor private web use, email communications and social networking messages has caused many a furrowed brow since being announced in March 2012. In simple terms, the measure permits GCHQ, the British intelligence agency based in […]