5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Plus

As a social media platform, Google Plus is still popular. This is largely because it is an excellent way to meet new people, connect with prospective customers and also to deepen relationships with existing customers. Whilst this can be achieved on other social media platforms, Google Plus provides a forum where this can be achieved on […]

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Succeed

Making your YouTube channel appealing to visitors is essential. However, page view and click statistics do not completely indicate whether your video marketing campaign is succeeding in its goals. Despite this, they do show how many people are viewing and interacting with your message. The role of a film editor is more than just creating […]

6 Facebook Page Features For Small Businesses

Facebook has long been the cornerstone of many businesses social media marketing strategy. Whilst many page managers are able to competently navigate and make use of their Facebook Page features, there may be a number of the platform’s features which they are not taking full advantage of. To allow small businesses to take full advantage of […]

Tips and Tricks to Optimise Twitter Search

Before examining the different methods that a user can utilise to optimise their Twitter search, a brief education in Twitter search is essential. Unfortunately the majority of netizens, who make use of social media sites, only make use of a minority of the functions. The Twitter search function is comprised of various options. On the left […]

Why Google Plus Should Be Part of Your Social Media Package

It always been said that Google Plus will become the most important social media platform in a company’s online communication arsenal. Despite this, a large number of people are still familiarising themselves with Google Plus as a social media platform. For those people here is a brief background of the social media platform: Google Plus is similar […]

Tools To Make Twitter Simpler

Just about every marketer now has an account with Twitter and if not, they are aware of the platform’s importance as a vehicle for spreading the word about their offering to a large audience. However, often Twitter can seem a time consuming means of doing this. This needn’t be the case, a number of tools […]

The Google Doodle Team

Frequently the Google homepage is taken over by artistic “google doodles” celebrating the anniversary or birthday of a significant event, individual or location. But who creates these doodles? Just three examples of the past doodles, a Pac-Man game, a playable Les Paul Guitar and an interactive underwater world, to celebrate the birthday of Jules Verne, […]