Tips and Tricks to Optimise Twitter Search

Before examining the different methods that a user can utilise to optimise their Twitter search, a brief education in Twitter search is essential. Unfortunately the majority of netizens, who make use of social media sites, only make use of a minority of the functions. The Twitter search function is comprised of various options. On the left […]

Tools To Make Twitter Simpler

Just about every marketer now has an account with Twitter and if not, they are aware of the platform’s importance as a vehicle for spreading the word about their offering to a large audience. However, often Twitter can seem a time consuming means of doing this. This needn’t be the case, a number of tools […]

How To Maximise Sales With Twitter’s New Profile Pages

Twitter recently unveiled a new appearance and interface for their profile pages. The new pages, which were released during April 2014, have a similar appearance to those found on Facebook in a number of ways. With the launch of the new profile pages many users were excited to see all of the new features which […]

Twitter Lead Generation Cards: Connecting Offline

Twitter Lead Generation Cards During May 2013 Twitter launched “Lead Generation Cards”, a sleek feature which is designed to enable advertisers and promoters to find and engage with potential clients and customers offline. Initially, the Twitter Lead Generation Cards were only available to a limited number of the social media platform’s users. After testing was […]

Twitter Business Rules: Take Heed In 2014

Twitter Business Rules A seemingly continuous theme of Twitter is that individuals are often unaware of the potential implications and consequences of their comments, actions and behaviour on the social media platform. The problem is exacerbated when those acting on behalf of a brand, or who have a company name in their profile name, reveal […]

Twitter Plans: What To Expect On The Social Media Platform In 2014

Twitter Plans When Twitter began seven years ago it was a collection of ragtag hackers fighting for the basis on which the site would operate, whilst trying to stop the site from crashing. From these humble beginnings Twitter has come an incredibly long way. The company is well on track to collect over half a […]

Twitter Analytics Tool: The 101 Tutorial Guide

Twitter Analytics Collected here is a basic guide to help users make the most of the relatively new Twitter Analytics tool. When used correctly Analytics enable Twitter’s users to identify their most effective content. The first thing required to make use of the Twitter Analytics feature is to log in of course! Once you have […]

Simple Twitter Business Tips: 7 Simple Tips to Expand your Business

Simple Twitter Business Tips: 7 Tips Simply put, if you are not using Twitter as part of your online marketing, you are missing out. The social media platform provides massive promotional potential, 140 characters at a time. Unfortunately, the platform is often misunderstood. At times it can frustrate and even alienate users who are not […]

Twitter Business Tips: Get More Value Out Of Twitter

Twitter Business Tips Twitter is currently one of the most used social media platforms globally. Due to this, a number of businesses have set up accounts on the social media network as a marketing tool. Utilising the platform and our Twitter Business Tips will provide businesses with an excellent means to increase brand awareness and […]

New Business Twitter Account: Getting Started

New Business Twitter Account Like the majority of things associated with business, getting started is often the hardest milestone to overcome. This also applies to your Twitter account. In order to help you set up a Twitter account, and begin achieving your social media goals, here is a ten step guide to setting up a […]