Business Rocks 2016 – Tech, Music & Investment Summit

Business Rocks 2016 Attention all entrepreneurs, start-ups, movers, shakers, and future world changers: get yourselves to Manchester this April for Business Rocks 2016 Tech, Music, and Investment summit. What’s the goal of this event? To gather the brightest, hungriest, and most creative minds from around the globe together in one place to generate, incubate, and execute […]

Business Rocks 2016 – A Full Cast of Brilliance

Business Rocks 2016 March 8th was International Women’s Day but it feels like there is a second “unofficial” International Women’s Day going down this April. It’s happening this April 21st – 22nd in Manchester at the first Annual Business Rocks 2016 tech, music, and business conference; founded by Jonny Cadden from TechCluster.   Poised to become […]

Bing and Pinterest Join Forces With Pinit

Bing and Pinterest Bing integrates the Pinterest sharing option into its image search Users of Bing are now able to share any images they find through the search engine easily with their friends on the social media platform, Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media platform which was launched in 2009, where users create pinboards with […]

Yahoo New Logo: Thirty Days and Thirty Nights Later

Yahoo New Logo The Yahoo new logo was announced through a blog post written by Kathy Savitt, Yahoo’s chief marketing officer. The blog was published on September 5th 2013, in the post Savitt stated, “We’re excited to share the new Yahoo logo with you. It will begin appearing across Yahoo properties globally tonight.” The Yahoo […]

New Bing Logo and “One Microsoft”: New Features

New Bing Logo and “One Microsoft” In the summer of 2013 Microsoft made the announcement that it intended to adjust how Bing operated. It announced that the changes were intended to create a format where both users and developers would be able to tap into a vast wealth of resources in order to help them […]

Vine – Why Are They Exactly Six Seconds?

Twitter Vine: Six Seconds? In the greater scheme of things six seconds is an incredibly short space of time. Reading this sentence out loud would take a similar amount of time. However it appears to be the brevity of Vine which has attracted it over 40 million individual registered users (figures as of October 2013) […]

Yahoo Logo Rebrand: Thirty Days and Thirty Logos

Yahoo Logo Rebrand Under the new CEO management of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has shed its archaic logo from the 90s. The search engine made the announcement on Wednesday 7th August 2013. This is the first change to the company logo since it was established over 18 years ago. It has been revealed that the new […]

Ucheck Unveils Urine Test App for Smart Phones

Your urine reveals a vast amount about your health. Doctors have been making use of it for years. A quick urine test can provide early warnings for both kidney and liver health problems. Urine tests reveal so much about us. For instance they can inform us if our diet is unhealthy. They can also be used […]

Bing April Fools 2013: Bing Basic and SEO Tag

Bing April Fools 2013 This year Bing joined the search engine April Fools’ Day bandwagon. As a search engine Bing is late to join the April Fools’ Day based tomfoolery however due to the strength of the two gags it unveiled for public consumption the search engine looks to be one to watch in future […]

Different Search Engines: Looking for a Google Detox?

It’s hard to believe but there was a time when the first task for searching online was to choosing which one of the different search engines to use. That’s right. Choose a search engine! Back in the dim and distance past (around 1999), Google was just one among many search engine providers – remember the […]