5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Plus

As a social media platform, Google Plus is still popular. This is largely because it is an excellent way to meet new people, connect with prospective customers and also to deepen relationships with existing customers. Whilst this can be achieved on other social media platforms, Google Plus provides a forum where this can be achieved on […]

Why Google Plus Should Be Part of Your Social Media Package

It always been said that Google Plus will become the most important social media platform in a company’s online communication arsenal. Despite this, a large number of people are still familiarising themselves with Google Plus as a social media platform. For those people here is a brief background of the social media platform: Google Plus is similar […]

Small Business Owners and Google Plus

Small Business Owners and Google Plus   It is a widely known fact that providing and creating a solid social media presence is essential to ensure success for a brand or company’s online marketing campaign. In the case of small and local businesses this is doubly true. This is because these companies are reliant on […]

Google Plus Tools: The Top Ten For Small Businesses

Google Plus Tools 2014 looks set to be an exciting year for social media platforms, especially Google Plus. Created in 2011, Google Plus was dismissed early on as unpopular and unfinished. Despite this early dismal, Google Plus has gained over one billion unique user accounts. The community which Google Plus provides for its users is […]

Google Plus Hangouts Feature: Don’t Miss Out

Google Plus Hangouts Feature The Google Plus Hangouts feature is quite possibly the platforms most useful yet underrated feature. The Google Plus Hangouts Feature is ideally suited for personal socialising and professional work. This is due to the feature’s ease of use of the feature and its versatility. What’s more, the Google Plus Hangouts feature […]

Google Plus Explore: A Strict Vetting Process For Safety

Google Plus Explore And Circles Features Google Plus Explore Google Plus Explore enables an individual user to search the social media platform for accounts which they might not otherwise discover. Google Plus Explore is made up of numerous public postings which have been collated from sources throughout the world. The Explore feature of Google Plus […]

Google Plus Photos: Location Mapping To Many More Services

Google Plus Photos Google Plus Photos Location Mapping and Geo-tagging: If Exif information is available on a user’s photos and pictures then Google Plus provides them with the option to enable the location mapping of the image to be added to the photo on the platform. This location mapping can then be viewed by other […]

Google Plus Circles Tips: Get More Out Of Google Circles

Google Plus Circles Tips Organising your Circles on Google Plus can become the most confusing aspect of using the social media platform but one of the best Google Plus Circles Tips we could give you. However, successfully organising your Circles can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the platform, whilst also dramatically increasingly […]

Google Plus Authorship: Taking The Credit

Google Plus Authorship Whilst using search engines especially Google you may have noticed that some of the results feature an image of the content’s author directly beneath the link. This is what is known as Authorship; being registered as the content’s official author. Google Plus Authorship is quickly becoming one of the most important elements […]

Google Plus Ripples: The Metrics That Were New In 2013

Google Plus Ripples The Ripples feature of Google Plus is an interactive feature which enables users to track posts or URLs which are shared on Google or through the Google Plus network. Ripples are valuable to both users and marketers. This is because the Google Plus Ripples feature clearly demonstrates not only what users are […]