Monthly Archives: December 2013

Geo Targeted Tweets: Tailored Tweets Coming To A Country Near You

Geo Targeted Tweets Twitter has gained widespread popularity with marketers as it enables them to reach a key audience with a specific message. Recent changes to the social media platform look set to greatly improve the potential accuracy that Twitter can provide when it comes to reaching your targeted audience. These changes come in the […]

Rembrandt Google Doodle: His 407th Birthday

Rembrandt Google Doodle Rembrandt Google Doodle July 15th 2013 saw Google pay a doodle based homage to a man who is considered to have been one of the greatest artists in history. This man was Rembrandt van Rijn.  The Rembrandt Google Doodle celebrated what would have been his 407th birthday. His artistic talent lay not only […]

Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Can Harm Your Results

Facebook Marketing Mistakes Over the last few years Facebook has become an extremely popular marketing tool. It is not only online marketers who take full advantage of the social media platform but also business owners. Business owners are making use of the platform as a means of boosting brand awareness whilst also making a greater […]

Google Plus Authorship: Taking The Credit

Google Plus Authorship Whilst using search engines especially Google you may have noticed that some of the results feature an image of the content’s author directly beneath the link. This is what is known as Authorship; being registered as the content’s official author. Google Plus Authorship is quickly becoming one of the most important elements […]

Twitter Direct Messaging App: Plans To Unveil App Similar To WhatsApp

Twitter Direct Messaging App In a recent interview a Twitter spokesperson announced the platform’s ambition to launch a “stand alone direct messaging application”. It is thought the Twitter Direct Messaging App aims to rival existing popular apps including Snapchat and WhatsApp. This move is part of a greater movement by the platform to refresh Twitter’s […]

LinkedIns Most Successful Corporate Account: LinkedIn and HP

LinkedIn’s Most Successful Corporate Account On Thursday February 28th 2013 LinkedIn announced that HP was the first company to achieve one million followers and become it’s most successful corporate account. The Vice president of marketing on the site Nick Besbeas explains the how and why. He says HP built up their following by the companies strategic […]

Google Plus Ripples: The Metrics That Were New In 2013

Google Plus Ripples The Ripples feature of Google Plus is an interactive feature which enables users to track posts or URLs which are shared on Google or through the Google Plus network. Ripples are valuable to both users and marketers. This is because the Google Plus Ripples feature clearly demonstrates not only what users are […]

Twitter Sales Study: Does The Social Media Platform Drive Sales

Twitter Sales Study Twitter promoted a Twitter sales study which was conducted during the summer of 2013. The study was one of a number the social media platform commissioned through the company Datalogix. The focus of the Twitter sales study was an attempt to link activity conducted on the platform to “the real world”. The results […]