Monthly Archives: November 2013

Twitter and Iran: Recent Events Suggest They May Lift The Ban

Twitter and Iran The latest Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, exchanged tweets with the Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey in October 2013. Observers suspect this may be the beginning stage of the lift on Iran’s Twitter ban. Rouhani has been making use of Twitter since he came to power in August 2013. The exchange began when Dorsey […]

Google Plus Redesign: What’s New with Google+

Google Plus Redesign What’s new with Google Plus Redesign? For a brief summary of the Google Plus Redesign click the image on the left. Now let’s take a closer look at the specific new and exciting updates to the Google Plus redesign: 1)      Multiple Columns This Google Plus Redesign feature is dependent on the size […]

Google In Depth Stories: Broader Search Now Available

Google In Depth Stories During August 2013 Google released a new feature in the form of Google In Depth Stories. This feature aims to make it easier for the search engine user’s to find articles which are relevant whilst also providing depth on a range of broad topics. The product manager, Jake Hubert revealed to […]

Leon Foucault Google Doodle: His 194th Birthday

Leon Foucault Google Doodle Google celebrated what would have been Leon Foucault’s 194th birthday with an animated doodle on September 18th 2013. Foucault was born in 1819 in Pairs, his father was a publisher. Initially Foucault pursued career in medicine which he later abandoned due to his crippling fear of blood. After his career change, […]

Using Twitter Vine as a Tool to Grow Your Business

Twitter Vine was launched on January 24th 2013 and the concept was simple. A smartphone app which allows users to share six second videos with their Twitter following. Already the app has received the prestigious title of “the video Instagram”. The app records for the duration that users hold down on the record button. This […]

Yahoo New Logo: Thirty Days and Thirty Nights Later

Yahoo New Logo The Yahoo new logo was announced through a blog post written by Kathy Savitt, Yahoo’s chief marketing officer. The blog was published on September 5th 2013, in the post Savitt stated, “We’re excited to share the new Yahoo logo with you. It will begin appearing across Yahoo properties globally tonight.” The Yahoo […]

Funny Social Media Brands That You Just Can’t Help But Follow

Funny Social Media Brands A whole thesis could be written about the various factors which contribute to whether a brand is “followable” or not. Which raises the question why do people choose to like brand pages on Facebook or follow companies on Twitter? On the one hand it could be because they provide you with […]

Twitters Big Investor: Who is the Mystery Man?

Twitters Big Investor Little is known about Suhail Rizvi, Twitters big investor. However it is thought that his support has been fundamentally in attracting other investors to the social media platform. So far Rizvi’s and his client’s investments into the company have amassed to an excess of $1 billion. Despite this, very little is known […]

Hide Google Doodle: To Doodle Or Not To Doodle

Hide Google Doodle When it comes to Google’s doodles opinion seem to be torn. Some find them incredibly interesting and happily await the next exciting 24 hour takeover of the search engines home page. Whilst others find doodles annoying and irritating distractions, some users dismiss them as childish affronts which the search engine imposes on […]