Monthly Archives: October 2013

Tesco #NoJoke – Tesco Mobile’s Twitter Campaign

Tesco Mobile’s Twitter Campaign Is #NoJoke Up until 2009 Twitter was a relatively little known social media platform, its novel concept of fast paced interactions, which were limited to just 140 characters and placing hashtags in front of words, quickly gained the platform popularity. From its humble beginnings, it was hard to imagine that just […]

Google Plus Embedded Posts: The Introduction

Google Plus Embedded Posts On Monday September 9th 2013, Google Plus unveiled a range of new features for the social media platform. One of these new features was Google Plus Embedded Posts. This is a tool which enables blog and content writers to embed Google Plus content on other pages. A user who wishes to […]

Douglas Adams Google Doodle: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe

Douglas Adams Google Doodle On March 11th 2013 Google celebrated the sixty first birthday of author Douglas Adams, with a Douglas Adams Google Doodle which pays tribute to his most famous literary outing: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. The interactive Google Doodle included a few special treats to mark the occasion. When users placed […]

Twitter Lead Generation Card – Help with Generating Leads

Twitter Lead Generation Card Twitter announced Lead Generation Cards on the site’s blog on May 22nd 2013. The blog explained that, “marketers regularly talk to us about their goals, and for many it boils down to one major theme: generating leads and ultimately driving purchases.” Placing these goals in the forefront, the social media platform […]

Facebook Tests Video Auto-Play In Newsfeed

Facebook embarked on a series of tests for video auto-play in newsfeed which are intended to play automatically on the service the platform provides to various mobile devices. If the tests are successful, the platform looks set to transform its social media network with a membership in excess of 1.15 billion members into an attractive venue […]

Twitter IPO Filing – Announced Via A Tweet

Twitter IPO Filing Recent reports have established that Twitter is expected to be valued at up to $15 billion. The social media platform made the announcement that it had applied for IPO confidentiality public on September 12th 2013. True to form, Twitter made this announcement via a tweet. The tweet, which was launched from the […]