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Adidas #TheReturn – Social Media Marketing

Adidas #TheReturn If you’re a fan of American basketball and spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, then it is highly likely you saw “the return of D. Rose”. Adidas #TheReturn was a series of online videos launched by the international sports brand Adidas. The series aimed to document the return and rehabilitation […]

Youtube Vs Vimeo: Which is best for Video Marketing?

This article aims to compare the pros and cons of YouTube and Vimeo as mediums to broadcast your videos. Video marketing forms an integral part of any SEO project. It is an excellent way for businesses and companies to promote their content, increase interest in their brand, whilst also increasing the amount of traffic to their […]

What Does Penguin 2.0 Mean for SEO?

What Does Penguin 2.0 Mean for SEO?

Each time Google announces an update to their complex algorithm system, companies and businesses have to stop their operations in order to react to these new changes. Potentially Penguin or Panda updates can mean drastic changes for a website. In light of this website owners need to be prepared to adapt to these changes so […]