Monthly Archives: April 2013

Google Plus Hangouts: Google Plus Hangouts Hits the Top

Google Plus Hangouts In a surprising piece of news (well, we were surprised!) Google Plus, the social networking bit of Google, recently overtook Twitter in the list of social platforms with the most active users and it could be because of Google Plus Hangouts. I say surprised, because it was only a few weeks ago that Twitter […]

Twittiquette: How not to ruin your life in 140 characters

Twittiquette A couple of notorious cases in the news have hammered home one extremely important lesson for tweeters everywhere: Twitter isn’t private. Durr and some tweeters need to exercise twittiquette! First came the case of the Swansea University student who posted several ill-advised, cruel and racist comments after the on-pitch collapse of Bolton Wanderers footballer […]

Social Media Revolution or The “Arab Spring”

Social Media Revolution It was in 2011 the social media platforms influenced The Arab Spring. Political scientists and experts are now asking what extent social media actually played in the revolutions. In 2011 revolution began in Tunisia and spread across the region felling dictatorships. Setting aside the question of the influence which social media held […]

Facebook Likes: What Your Facebook Likes Say About You

Your Facebook Likes We share an enormous amount of our lives on the social media platform. Not merely in what we post but also in which Facebook pages we like. These Facebook likes can be used by employers and friends alike to build an accurate portrait of us as individuals. A recent survey has gone […]

Seven Twitter Facts: Seven Years Old and Still Growing Strong

Seven Twitter Facts On Thursday 21st March 2013, Twitter celebrated its seventh birthday. The site has grown massively over the last few years to become one of the most used social media platforms so we have put together our favourite seven Twitter facts alongside a little history into this micro-blogging website. The site was born […]